About Us

Code-Freight Agenices (CFA) has been in the freight forwarding market for more than 10 years and company has grown significantly over the years till today as one of the well-trusted freight forwarder in both Malaysia and Singapore.


CFA, one of the leading organzations in the freight forwarding sector, aims to provide a one stop transportation service to all their customers in their transportation needs.


CFA believes in providing quality service and strives to build and maintain relationship with customers. With the competent CFA's team, you will absolutely find the right transportation solutions that will take you further.


CFA will provide and handle your clearance for both import and export freight with expert customs documentation and all transactions with Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore Customs concerning the entry and admissibility of merchandise. This includes classification and valuation, duties payment, taxes, or other charges assessed or collected by Customs on merchandise by reason of its importation, or the refund, exemption, and drawback.


With our expertise, your company can avoid unnecessary delays and penalties. Because we attend to your needs in a professional manner, you will save valuable time and reduce costs.