Appointing CFA as your Forwarding Agent 


Thank you for choosing Code-Freight as your Forwarding Agent to declare Malaysia Kastom Form for your company. By appointing us, we able to assist you in clearance at both Woodlands & Tuas Check point, JB and Port Kelang Ports.


Please do furnish us with a soft copy of the below :-

1) Director's IC

2) Form 9 and Form 49

3) Utility Bill (TNB / SAJ)

4) SMK Application Form and Letters (Printed on Company Letterhead) to be completed by one of the company's director

(Please download from below links)


*** Remarks:

     - Please provide company's stamp and counter sign on every page of the documents submmitted.

     - It takes 1 to 2 working days for appointment approval with above completed documents submitted.

     - Please take note, Friday & Saturday is declare as Weekends for JB, so Malaysia custom office is not working.

     - Please email the completed documents to

Letter for Appointment Agent

Malaysia Custom Formalities

Singapore Custom Formalities